A New Definition of Prosperity: Sustainability

Typically, companies focus on economic prosperity (return on investment and growth); but society has begun to redefine “prosperity” to include sustainability. In this context, “sustainability” means meeting present business imperatives without compromising the future needs of people, planet, and profits. While a company may sincerely aspire to social and environmental responsibility, it must nevertheless function […]

Conscious Contracts for Conscious Business

Conscious Business “Conscious Business” is a phrase used to identify companies that operate according to the fundamental principle that business can be a force for positive change in the world.  These companies believe (and have demonstrated) that creating value for all stakeholders–customers, employees, society, the environment, and future generations–brings greater success than putting primary focus solely […]

What is Justice?

‘Justice’ has no meaning unless it relates to the human heart, the community, the daily-life realities (conditions and causes) of conflict.  We all feel the absence of Justice in the conventional system when its dogma is not related to human facts as they are experienced. The powers that be tell us – ‘the system works’ […]

Power At Its Best Is . . .

Create Your Own Legal System

I’m lawyer, so I talk to a lot of people who are in disagreement; but they all agree on one thing, the litigation system is broken. So, if the system isn’t working– fix it.

Being the Change

 “You must be the change you wish to see in the world,” is a statement widely attributed to Gandhi.[1] For years, I held the corollary belief that the legal system had to change before I could change the way I practiced law. As much as I wished that my professional actions and principles could be aligned […]

Is Change Possible?

Is this change possible? The legal system and the assumptions it is built to serve are the water we swim in — as fish are unaware of the water (I’m assuming fish are suspended in yet not aware of the water), we are essentially unaware of the legal system and how it affects our day-to-day […]

A New Frame and Framework

Why do we have a system?  What is the purpose of Law and the Legal System? We have a system because we want to be safe; and we want to be certain. As business people and community members, we want to have sufficient predictability so that our expectations are reasonably assured.  We need to be […]

Delivering Clarity, Accountability & Agility Without Sacrificing Security

When we work with others towards a goal or on a job, we are more productive (and happy) if we are collaborating together rather than operating as adversaries.  A relationship conducted as a shared effort for mutual benefit has a greater chance of success and durability than one where the parties are constantly competing against […]

Discovering Agreement vs Conceding to Terms

One of the most valuable things you can do is put the agreements and understandings you have into writing – in words you understand and are fully comfortable with. The ‘boilerplate’ language that many attorneys and pre-drafted document kits provide is often unintelligible – even to the experts and courts.  This inscrutability makes the documents practically […]