What is Discovering Agreement?

Discovering Agreement is a powerful alternative for those who are disenchanted with the old-style adversarial model.  This new framework is ideal for socially responsible businesses already on the cutting edge of shifting business paradigms and those who avoid entering legal contracts because of the fear and mistrust inherent in the old model.

Traditional practices pit contracting parties against one another, laying a foundation of mistrust. Discovering Agreement is a new paradigm that places shared vision and values first and foremost in the negotiation.  By emphasizing and calibrating alignment, the process creates a safer more trustworthy foundation for framing and conducting the business relationship. The result is a stronger, more sustainable and enjoyable venture that can endure and prosper even in the face of disagreement or unexpected change. When put into practice, the process of Discovering Agreement has the added benefit of catalyzing long-term, systemic change in the legal system itself.

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