Integrative Law Community

The Integrative Law Movement

The Integrative Law movement includes a variety of existing and emerging forms of legal practice, policy initiatives, legal education, and community engagement aimed at transforming the legal system to more effectively reach its basic goals.  The basic goals of a legal system include: providing access to justice; designing, managing, and healing relationships; and providing stable, organic, flexible structures for community.

Existing and emerging forms of legal practices flowing from the Integrative Law movement include:

  • collaborative law,
  • mediation services,
  • creative lawyering,
  • contemplative lawyering,
  • sharing law,
  • preventive law,
  • pro-active law,
  • problem solving courts, including drug courts
  • restorative justice.

Policy initiatives include

  • therapeutic jurisprudence,
  • integrating spirituality, law and politics,
  • earth jurisprudence,
  • deliberative democracy dialogue and civic engagement.

Other aspects of the legal system addressed by the Integrative Law movement include humanizing legal education, promoting emotionally competent lawyering, enhancing wisdom and compassion throughout all interactions with the legal system, and responding to societal changes mindfully.

Efforts are underway to integrate these emerging and existing legal approaches with other sectors of society such as conscious business and economics, ecological sustainability, organizational development, collaborative government and others.

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