Weekend Program – Esalen – March 2-4

Fearless Transformation for Lawyers:
Visionary Thinking Inside the Legal System

Drawing on years of experience (and experiments), Linda and Judi offer practical ways to engage the power dynamics present in business and legal affairs without separating personal values from professional actions.  We’ll share practical tools for creating systems and practices that calibrate and sustain this alignment, as well as, ways to embed these systems in business and legal practices, agreements and conflict engagement.

Weekend of March 2-4, 2012 

Linda Alvarez

Linda Alvarez’s work as an attorney and as a business consultant transforms the way contract negotiation, drafting, and enforcement impact business relationships. In addition to providing traditional legal services in the areas of trademarks, copyrights and business transactions, Linda trains and counsels individuals and businesses regarding all areas of contract negotiation and drafting.

Judi Cohen

Judi Cohen has practiced and taught law, meditation and yoga for 25 years.  She founded and runs Warrior One, a company that coaches and trains lawyers, law firms and law students to be true Warriors: passionate advocates grounded by wisdom and compassion.  Her clients are lawyers and law firms developing awareness practices and engaging in strategic visioning so that they can be both brilliant and visionary; eloquent and deeply attentive; focused and wide-open-minded; balanced and fierce.